Briza Heater (Wall or Stand-Mounted Heater)

USD $179.99

(82 customer reviews)

Transform your outdoor living space and make it usable 365 days a year! The Briza Hot can be mounted on the side of your garage wall or roof. 1500 watts on high setting, 750 watts on low setting. Uses radiant heat infrared technology, which is more energy efficient. Heats 800-1000 sq ft indoors; 10’x10′ area outdoors.

Comes with a set of basic mounting brackets.

Comes with Tripod Stand

Can be used on a stand indoors or outdoors.



Briza Heater

  • Efficient carbon infrared heating
  • Portable & comes with remote control
  • Stand and wall mounting
  • Power: 750 W – 1500 W
  • Dimensions: 90.2×10.2×10.2 cm / 35.5x4x4 in
  • Weight: 2.9 kg / 6.5 lb
Infrared Technology

Instead of warming the air like other conventional heaters, infrared heaters heat objects directly in their paths. Heating the air wastes energy and the benefits of the heat aren’t felt immediately.

Weather Proof

Neither snow, rain or hail the Briza heater will always stand up to the elements. With a protective metal shielding no water will be able to effect the heater.

Safety Features

With the automatic shutoff sensor the heater will automatically turn off if it ever senses that the unit has tipped over.

Comes with Remote Control

All heaters come with a remote control so you can control the power, heat level and timer from anywhere in the room or outdoor space.

What comes with your Briza?

  1. Briza Heater Unit
  2. Manual
  3. Remote Control
  4. Stand
  5. Wall Mount

82 reviews for Briza Heater (Wall or Stand-Mounted Heater)

  1. Bruce Murray

    I bought 2 for my 14×16 covered deck. Takes the chill off during colder evenings. Looks great, does the job.

  2. Adrian

    This product is not powerful enough for Canadian late evenings on a relatively small 10’x10’ patio, at least not in Alberta. I have a small propane fire column and it’s emits more heat than this. The tripod looks more tacky in person than on the photos. I was going to install it to the soffits on the overhang from my roof but I don’t think it will heat enough from being on the ceiling, which is disappointing.At least the glow isn’t too strong and the unit looks modern.

  3. Happy in Surrey

    Three settings of heat and they all work. Fortunately we didn’t get an early summer so it was possible to use the heater for some late night outdoor projection movie times. It doesn’t heat a space as such but it heats your body when in range. Decent spread of heat that was felt by three people sitting in different positions from each other (not huddled together). Not much else to say – good warmth, quite easy to setup. Tripod allows various heights to experiment how the heat will impact each person. Nice touch by the manufacturer would have been supplying a cloth wrap to slip the heater in when storing to keep from getting scratched. Certainly not a deal breaker, just a convenience. Remote control worked as expected. So far, a good purchase for my requirements.

  4. Krista H.

    I bought this primarily for indoor use in my sunrooom, which is always freezing in the Canadian winters and during COVID is now my home office. I also hope to use it outdoors to help with a little heat for small social distance gatherings, but haven’t tried this yet. I’ve had it about a month now, and so far, I’m very impressed.I’ve set it up about 3 feet from me (roughly 4 feet above where I sit) and on the lowest setting, provides more than enough warmth than I need so far (but the coldest temperatures are yet to come). But I believe it will serve its purpose well on the coldest days. And we will see how it works outdoors. There is lots of radiant heat when close to it, so I’m sure it will be fine.Very pleased with the product and worth the extra cost compared to alternatives. Love that it is silent too.

  5. Nevsky

    Not as warm as a propane heater, but much more convenient. Easy to set up on the included tripod. Nice looking. Responsive customer service.

  6. JRB

    We used it on Thanksgiving as we ate outside around a fire pit and the heater. All very cozy and warm.

  7. Mike H.

    It worked 1 time..returning..not replacing

  8. mike michalezki

    The heat out put was not as good as I expected, very similar to other products

  9. Wild T

    Good looking design but heat range is only 5 feet!

  10. Rich Reader

    easy to assemble, puts out good heat

  11. Amazon Customer

    Easy to setup. Works well. Gets hot. But it is actually a little high, meaning the stand is pretty high, and if you want to use it while sitting on the deck or patio, you need to fiddle around with it to point the heat down. Totally works but the stand will go to 6 feet, which is good for heating a shed, not for keeping your body warm as you sit outside.

  12. Dan Allard

    Product was easy to install. I use it to heat my sunroom which is 7 feet x 9 feet and it works great for that size of space. My sunroom has high efficiency windows and is fully enclosed but it is not insulated. I haven’t tested it during winter yet where it will get to -30’s. Based on our Spring I think most of winter will be fine but during the -30 temps I’ll likely need a sweater. There’s a small buzzing from the unit when it’s on, not sure if all infrared heaters do this but it doesn’t bother me. It’s like a very faint white noise. The remote backing where the batteries go is not a tight fit; again, not a bad problem. Overall, great value.

  13. Michael smith

    Gives off good heat but if you lose or break the remote, the entire unit is inoperable. They do not offer additional or replacement remotes- absurd …

  14. Amazon Customer

    Have had it for 4 weeks and have used it a dozen times for up to 8 hours at a time, OUTDOORS! Works exactly as it is supposed to. The Three different heat settings come in handy.

  15. Janet M

    Love our new backyard heater. Was super easy to assemble and gives off great heat. So happy with the purchase.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Hung it on my 14′ garage ceiling above my hitting net and was impressed. Gets me sweating in my cold garage.

  17. Hal Smith

    Disappointed, was hoping for more heat and more distance.

  18. S. Kiesler

    Very easy to use compared with propane models. Easy to use on tripod (but hang on wall if you have kids).What’s not to like: instructions were easy for electrician to follow (not as much me due to tiny print). If you hang the light, the tripod is destined for the trash. Would be better if the company offered a heatlamp alone (and parts to use the tripod).Service emails very responsive and helpful, much better than most companies. However, I had to contact Amazon to get a name/email for the company that can service. Should be on the manual!

  19. Pierre D.

    Je n’ai pas pu utiliser le produit car le tube de verre du chauffage était cassé.

  20. Carly

    Great heater for patio or just near a specific place. Love that it has a stand! Very useful! Highly recommend it!

  21. perla

    It works fine and it is really good with the stand. With the stand you can aim the heat exactly where it is wanted.

  22. Ron Tarves

    Remote only works with direct line of sight to one side of the unit. Warm, but, does not heat a large area.

  23. Alex B

    it tipped over in high winds and the heating element cracked and broke. No way to replace.

  24. Jane Cooney

    Very warm as long as you are sitting beside it. It is in the garage which is venue for seeing a friend or two with garage door open during pandemic.

  25. David

    works as described

  26. Billy D. Kidd

    Very modern-looking. A very nice stand that was above my expectations. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do, worms me up when I’m chilly! Billy

  27. swimmer

    I wanted to get an electric heat lamp, not a propane based one and this was one of the few options that had strong reviews. I was able to plug it in our outside outlet and was able to assemble it quickly. Highly recommend!

  28. Alfred Delchamps

    We tried to use this heater outside on our porch. With temperatures in the mid 40’s, the people 3 feet away could barely feel the heat, and someone 6 feet away couldn’t feel it at all. The good news is they accepted it back and issued a full refund.

  29. John Selles

    It provides some nice warmth to take the bite out of the chilly air, but it doesn’t provide enough warmth to deal with COLD. Given it’s only 5,000 watts, you would need a couple of them to actually provide proper warmth.That being said, not dealing with propane and the climate impact of burning it made me biased to electric. There’s just a huge performance gap between a 40k BTU propane heater and an 8k BTU electric bar. We may end up getting a flame pyramid eventually, in part because we can’t do a firepit and the pyramid would provide heat, light, and mood.

  30. sue

    I like it on the tripod so that it is easy to move around where it is most needed.Is there a cover for it ?

  31. Andrew Puch

    Was excited to buy it since it did have good reviews except for the warmth aspect. Got it hung it up in my garage looks good however does not give any warmth at least not enough unless you’re on top of it. If you stand 4 feet from it you might feel warmth but to heat an area it’s not gonna happen. I have other room heaters and they work fabulous this one I chose because it looked really nice and it had great advertisement.

  32. Alexandre

    Very easy to assemble. I received it 2 weeks ago. I have installed it in my 4 seasons patio but the minute it went cold below 0°C around minus 5.The thing doesn’t work. Doesn’t want to work again. Not for Canada weather . Really not impressed.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Except the remote control not work from time to time. Not sensitive enough. Hope if they can replace a more workable one

  34. Eileen Carvalho

    Sturdier and warmer than other heaters I have purchased this season!

  35. Jimbo

    This is a great product for a home patio. The heater is well constructed and easy to move. The heater warms the skin and not the air.

  36. william yacker

    Heating bulb did not light up. Contacted the manufacturer to find out how to get a replacement bulb. They told me deal with the seller (Amazon).Amazon sent me a link twice which both times connected me to Amazon customer service people. Amazon gave me the same link TWICE which had no menu item to get help for a defective product or even provide a contact to a dealer who might have the bulb.DON’T PURCHASE THIS HEATER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. NO PRODUCT SUPPORT EXISTS. IF THE HEATER IS DEFECTIVE OR REQUIRES REPAIR YOUR ONLY OPTION IS TO THROW IT OUT.

  37. sheila moreau

    Love it , it warms your bones. I work in a freezer and this feels wonderful when I get home. Turn it on for hour , all I need to warm up. It like sanding in the sun.

  38. Nicky Cheung

    This is a great heater for my garage and patio.

  39. roman legerman

    Very weak heater doesn’t do the job.

  40. Aleida Van Driesten

    Very simple to put together and works great!!!

  41. C D

    I know it is silly to be in tears over a heater in such overwhelming times, but it was just one more thing going wrong in a pandemic. We bought 2 heaters and they worked pretty well to allow us to meet people social distancing on our porch despite the eastern Ontario weather. The unit is clearly poorly designed. One brisk wind and down it went breaking the bulb. The bulb is not available and not easy to replace. A friend also lost a model the same way. I was hoping to see my daughter for an outdoor Christmas lunch, now……….:(

  42. SMicho

    Chauffage balcon sous pergolas SunLouvre

  43. Spike Freeman

    I like it

  44. Amazon Customer

    Heats quickly and evenly. Quiet operation.

  45. Tracy tinker

    Throws great heat but cuts out too quickly

  46. Alex Strouzer

    Outside dining

  47. Gabin

    Perfect for those cold evening

  48. Amazon Customer

    Live in condo sit on deck to get fresh air in winter heater makes it a little more comfortable. Haven’t got first light bill yet but don’t have it on too long

  49. Dragos I Stefanescu

    Home, outdoorNot as efficient as expected

  50. sd

    I really like this heater it’s awesome for camping around the table if you bump it it turns off . Great safety features if only ad a place to clip remote securely

  51. ronin

    Very portable. Easy to set up.

  52. Annie

    The heaters seem to work quite well however I bought 2 heaters which came seperately and only one of them had a remote control and manual.

  53. Eric Brassard

    I have used the heater for a couple of weeks now and it has been very efficient. We stay very warm on a patio in fall weather. I find the device is finnicky because it has an auto shut-off feature that triggers everytime I move the device. It takes a second to restat it but it is a bit annoying. Other than that, I’m very happy with it.

  54. Beth C.

    We have it mounted on the legs and have only had it on the lowest heat level and haven’t tested how hot it gets. It was easy to put together and It’s light so can be easily picked up and locked away when not in use. Remote control works well.

  55. Daniel Lyzun

    The heater was easy to assemble, worked as expected and easy to move around. No complaints.

  56. June

    This heater is sturdy, looks nice, and really puts out the heat. I have 2 that I use for teaching outdoor music lessons due to Covid 19 restrictions and they keep us toasty. Love the remote for easy adjusting. It was easy to assemble, too.

  57. Amazon Customer

    These heaters were well worth the wait. A shout out to the Sellers as their customer service was stellar. There were several shipping issues with UPS but the Sellers promptly addressed the issues with UPS each time and ensured that we finally received our purchase. They were simply amazing!As we are anticipating lock down, we are planning to celebrate Christmas dinner outside, therefore these heaters are perfect. They are even better than anticipated i.e. sturdy construction, assemble with ease, very warm even when not on high setting, sleek look/design.We’re very happy with this excellent purchase!

  58. Terry Wiesner

    This seems to work but may need to buy a second.

  59. M. Rosenberg

    The heater is exceptionally easy to put together, packaged very well. Tripod is steady and easy to adjust. A few things to note: The only way to operate the heater is via the remote control – This is a real downside – there should always be at least an on/off switch on the main unit. The heat output was really insufficient for outdoor patio use on a cool night – defining cool as around 50 degrees. Still had to wear a coat. One other thing – I had the unit plugged into a 15amp circuit and it blew the breaker – granted that there were some other things on that circuit but only some lights. Probably best on a dedicated 15/20 amp circuit.

  60. Robert

    Easy to assemble, but two people make attaching the heat element to the base an easy task. Product quality is first class! We live in the Vancouver area and the heater is used to enhance the use of our covered patio. Three heat levels, so you can vary depending on the temperature of the day and proximity of person.Will increase our outdoor patio time by about 4 months.Th\e product is better than what is shown on line. Would buy again.

  61. Robyn B

    The Briza heater heats up quickly. The remote control is easy to use. It was very easy to assemble and has held up quite well in bad weather. I brought it in for high winds but I felt it could have held up to the weather. It heats whatever it is hitting so for example if it’s at your head level, your head will heat up but you’ll need a blanket for your feet. I would still recommend this heater for warmth and aesthetic.

  62. BronxSteve

    Bought this direct from manufacturer at half the price. Good customer service. Warms up fast, seems quite warm, better than another brand I bought on Amazon. Not that hard to assemble to the stand. The instructions are pretty clear.

  63. Nick

    Great little heater! Using it in my garage working on a restoration project. Keeps the area warm. No need for extra layers to keep warm.

  64. Holy cow

    We used it to provide heat while eating in an unheated sunroom, and patio. I worked well. One has to be careful as the electrical power at the highest setting requires a heavy duty extension cord if one is used. It was easy to assemble.

  65. Canada

    The sentence “A protective metal sheath covers the heating elements as well. This means animals and children can touch the surface of our heater without being burned.” is garbage. The manual and the heater itself is full of warnings that if you touch it, it will burn you.

  66. Krishna Pendakur

    this device is a bit rickety, but was very inexpensive. it provides heat for about a 2m distance. pretty large and bulky, about 1.5m across.

  67. Amazon Customer

    It wasn’t too hard to put this together, but I still can’t figure out how to get the tripod stand to lower so that the heater isn’t at head height when we’re sitting. The heater works well and responds to the remote, as long as you are in a direct line to the right end of the heater. The heat does not go far, however, and if we’re sitting on our porch, no more than 4 people will be able to feel the heat, and we may not be able to be a full 6 feet apart. So not great for helping with COVID porch visits in the cold weather.

  68. KarVa

    This heater works very well and we have enjoyed it during the cooler weather while sitting on our back porch. It keeps us quite warm. I would highly recommend this product.

  69. Jesse H.

    Bon produit pour chaleur directionnelle, pas optimal pour chauffer une piece complete. Rayon d’action d’environs 5 pieds.

  70. Karen Brouillette

    Easy to assemble. As advertised. Heats up quickly. Very happy with purchase. Quick delivery.

  71. laraine kaminsky

    It is NOT a good idea to buy as it blows all the trip switches and does not provide provide enough warmthA bad choice for us

  72. Limulus

    The heater failed to generate the heat we expected. It was rather useless.

  73. Paul Topp

    Wish it was hotter than it is.

  74. B. Leroux

    Bought for patio use and was going to mount up high. Decided to leave on tripod as it needs to be within3-4 ft to feel any heat. Has to be on high all the time. The heat is also very concentrated so really only good for a couple people at most.

  75. oryssia

    Working so far very well heating the area where we sit on a deck. Note we have a roof over the deck and we covered two sides with thick clear vinyl to prevent snow rain and wind to affect it. Wasn’t that cold yet ( I am in Toronto, so it gets really cold here).

  76. Cam Pearce

    Although the title of this product says “wall mount” is an option, the instructions say it cannot be mounted closer than 19.5 inches from a vertical surface. This really means that it isn’t practical to wall mount, so this should be removed from the description. That said the stand is reasonably sturdy and provides the flexibility to move the heater around. Since it is radiant heat you need to be in front of the heater directly facing it to feel the warmth. At most 2 people could sit in front. The idea to use it for visitors outside for Covid distancing simply doesn’t work because if everyone is in front of the heater it’s narrow beam of heat doesn’t allow for safe spacing between people.

  77. Gil Nimni

    Nice unit, easy to assemble. Advertised for use outdoors but not very effective. You literally have to stand in front of it to feel the warmth.

  78. Danielle Gagnon

    Fonctionne très bien

  79. david


  80. Elaine Retzer

    Easy set up. Just wish it put out a little more heat. Everything else is great!

  81. Amazon Customer

    looks good, easy to set up, like the remote control

  82. Robert

    Easy to assemble, but two people make attaching the heat element to the base an easy task. Product quality is first class! We live in the Vancouver area and the heater is used to enhance the use of our covered patio. Three heat levels, so you can vary depending on the temperature of the day and proximity of person.
    Will increase our outdoor patio time by about 4 months.
    Th\e product is better than what is shown on line. Would buy again.

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