Briza Cool Classic

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The Briza Cool MIK-07 EX uses evaporated water to lower the ambient temperature of the room at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner. Traditional AC units will dry and recycle your air – Briza adds humidity, keeping moisture in. Performs best in dry climates.

NOTE: This is NOT an Air Conditioner it is an Evaporative Air Cooler

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Briza Cool Classic

Cools Ambient Temperature

Briza will cool your ambient temperature, keeping you and your family comfortable all year long.

Uses up to 10X less energy than central air conditioning

Air Conditioning can costs you thousands of dollars each year. Most Central A/C systems use up to 3,500 Watts of power. The Briza Cool only uses 120 Watts of power. So you can stay cool all year long while having very little effect on your electrical bill.

No Hose Required

No annoying ventilation hose required. Just plug in to any power outlet and relax with the cool air of a Briza.

Comes with Remote Control

All Briza units come with remote controls, so you can control your Briza from anywhere in the room.


  • Our aspen wood filters will last 1-3 years depending on your environment and the severity of dust and allergens
  • The Briza should be cleaned once every 2 months with water and vinegar to avoid dust, dirt, and calcium build-up

What comes with your Briza?

  1. Briza Unit
  2. Set of Filters
  3. Manual
  4. Remote Control

Additional information

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White, Black, Dark Wood

4 reviews for Briza Cool Classic

  1. Susan Valladares (verified owner)

    Glad we found this product. This was perfect for what I needed it for . We still use our central air but have cut the usage down by half , as the Briza is what keeps my wife and I cool at night in bed without cooling the whole house with our ac . Saved lots on energy bills

  2. Wendy

    Love the Briza. Cools our bedroom beautifully.
    Only complaints are the the water level indicator is hard to see unless the unit is up high. Also would love to see the access panel to add water more accessible, not on the back.
    The goals in customer service were very helpful when I called with questions.

  3. Lisa Cass (verified owner)

    My family loves our briza! To make the air even cooler try putting ice in the water.

  4. dawson

    Awesome product for cooling down when it gets to hot in my house. Wont reduce the temperature of the room but when it blows on me the air is definitely cold.

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