Infrared Carbon Heater FAQ

Setup & Maintenance

  1. Take the stand and spread out the bottom three legs making sure it is stable on the ground. Attach the stand mount parts to the top of the stand.
  2. Remove the knob bolts from the back of the heater. Hold the heater up against the stand and put the knob bolts back on securing the unit to the stand.

The batteries in the remote may have run out and can be replaced with AAA batteries.

Depending on the conditions, the signal may not be as strong. Try using the remote closer to the unit and make sure to point it towards the display side of the heater.

Unplug the power cord and make sure the heater is cool before continuing. Clean the outer shell with a soft, damp cloth. You may use a mild detergent if necessary. After cleaning, dry the unit with a soft cloth. DO NOT use alcohol, gasoline, abrasive powders, furniture polish or rough brushes to clean the heater. In case someone accidentally touches the heating filament, use rubbing alchohol to wipe the filament and make sure that the alcohol is fully evaporated before turning on. DO NOT immerse the heater in water. Wait until the heater is completely dry before use.

There may be something on the heating tube or reflector.

  1. Unplug the power cord and make sure the heater is cool.
  2. Clean with a soft, damp cloth.
  3. After cleaning, make sure the unit is dry before turning it back on.

L1 - Level 1

L2 - Level 2

L3 - Level 3

T - Timer in hours (This feature can only be accessed with the remote)

E2 - This means that the safety tip over feature is engaged, click the toggle button to disengage it. If it is still engaged make sure that the unit is not mounted upside down (when looking at the front of the unit, the toggle button and screen should be on the right side).

Yes, the unit has an IP55 weatherproof rating for outdoor use. We do recommend that you plug it in to a cover protected socket and store it indoors when not used for long periods of time.

The unit should be plugged directly into a socket.

Your Briza comes with a 30 day buy back guarantee. If you purchased your device online, you have a one year replacement warranty on your Briza.

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