The Benefits of Using Briza in the Workplace

If you run a business or work from a home office, you know the importance of investing in things that do not directly generate revenue or profit. Keeping a work environment cool is one of those expenses. Because of this, you might be wondering if Briza is the right fit for your office. If you feel like you’re slaving away, working 9-5, the Briza is perfect in your office space. With a little bit of imagination, the cool air flowing through your combover will make you feel like you’re ordering mai tai’s on the beach in Aruba! Do you need more convincing? Here are four reasons to order a Briza today:

  1. Fewer wasted working hours

Recent studies have shown that an overheated workplace can severely affect productivity. In many cases, employees waste a minimum of one hour of their working time due to heat, and in some cases this number can be higher. By bringing in a Briza unit to your workspace, you can reduce time wastage and increase productivity.

  1. Better health for you

You know that you work better and faster when you're feeling 100%. With a Briza system in your office space, the environment remains cool without being dry, meaning your work space is healthier while being more comfortable.

  1. Your customers feel better

If you have cool air circulating through your workplace, both you, your team, and your customers will feel better. With a comfortable office, you can make a better impression with your customers, leading to better growth in your business.

  1. Work smarter, not harder

A cooler environment not only gives you more energy for difficult tasks, but you'll work smarter as well. Studies have shown that people working in a comfortable environment with cool air make fewer mistakes. A comfortably cool office can increase the concentration and attention span of you and the rest of your team. Achieving these results are nearly impossible when working in an overheated, uncomfortable office.
The benefits of a Briza system in your office aren't limited to just these four points - the list can increase depending on your business. If you don’t have a Briza system in your workplace, get one now before summer's heat waves come rolling in!

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