Best way to stay cool this summer

I had never heard of a personal air cooler before, until I received a Briza.  Like many people living in a city, I live in a small apartment with restrictions on air conditioners.  My answer - the Briza.
It’s more than just a fan.  The Briza using water and cooling pads to cycle the water through a filtration system.  This process allows cools the ambient temperature of your personal space.
It's perfect for apartments with open concept, especially because of the fact that I can oscillate the fan simply by pressing the “swing” button on the panel or the handy remote.
I have my Briza in the area of my apartment that separates my living and kitchen area.  This sure helps on those hot summer nights when I’m cooking dinner with my boyfriend.
When we have friends over, the Briza helps ensure the room is cool and comfortable and people always comment on the unit.  I am looking forward to adding a second Briza to my bedroom for a nice cool nights sleep.

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