Perfect for the kids bedrooms

We recently picked up a Briza at a local Home Show.  I knew we were on the search for something that would work in my kids' rooms, not take up a ton of space and be quieter than a fan.  We came across the Briza booth at a Home Show - my husband and I thought we hit the jackpot.
They almost look like little robots – perfect for our little boys.  We listened as the man described how it can cool your personal space down using only water, no chemicals!
He explained that you fill tank with water and there is a pump that will flow the water to the cooling pads.  As the heat flows through the cooling pads, it exchanges with the water and will cool the air.
Sometimes we are skeptical about purchasing items at these Home Shows, but once we got home we were pleased with our purchase.
We placed the Briza in the corner of their bedrooms and followed the instructions to get started.  We turned on the unit about 15 mins before bedtime.  The boys didn’t even notice that the unit was there.  My husband and I checked on the kids before we went to bed.  They were fast asleep and their room was cool (guess that means we are going to need another Briza for our room).
A good night’s sleep for them meant a good night sleep for us.  Thank you Briza for making our small, stuffy rooms more comfortable at night.

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