Is Dry Air Bad For Your Health?

Does the air in your home or workplace feel overly dry? Do you find yourself stepping outside to get fresh air much more than you should have to? Well, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that we keep the humidity in our homes and workspaces at around 30 - 50 percent to maintain healthy breathing. Breathing in dry air can cause sore throat, eye irritation, dry skin and dermatitis, nose bleeds, high stress levels, dehydration, and even increase your infection risk. So, Is dry air bad for your health? It sure isn't ideal. How can you fix this?
Our solution: the Briza Cool Classic.
The Briza Cool Classic will bring you just the right amount of humidity while also cooling the room’s ambient temperature. This will eliminate the annoying dry, stuffy air that may be bad for your health. Its small and sleek finish is the perfect addition to any room, and better yet, it’s portable! You can say goodbye to any installation instructions and messy ventilation tubes; this air cooler does not require ventilation. This gives you the freedom to move it to whichever room needs it the most. Most traditional air conditioning units will dry and recycle your air -  Briza adds humidity, keeping moisture in. How relaxing!
Most importantly, the Briza Cool will combat each of those symptoms of dry air so that you don’t have to suffer anymore. Visit the Briza store for more information. 

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