Best Ways To Social Distance and Stay Safe with Briza.

Social distancing and covid-19 restrictions can be tough on all of us. I mean, it’s been how long now?? Definitely too long without socializing or seeing family and friends. When the restrictions allow, it’s nice to have a small socially distanced gathering outside to see your “bubble.” But, it can be hard to do this when it’s too cool out. So, we have found the best way to social distance and stay safe with Briza this summer.
Our solution: relaxing on the patio with our Briza infrared heater. This heater is perfect for warming up your patio at any time of day, whether it be for lunch with your parents or a late-night hangout with your “bubble.” Especially these days, saying goodbye at the end of a get-together is so hard, so the Briza heater lets you stay outside longer to have more time with your loved ones and soak up all the extra social time you need.
The Briza patio heater uses radiant heat infrared technologies to heat spaces more efficiently. It can be either mounted on the wall/ceiling or used to stand up on its tripod for optimum heating quality. The heater’s weatherproof technology makes it easy for you to leave outside, even on a rainy night! It is simply the best way to social distance and stay safe with Briza this summer.
Here at Briza, we want everyone to enjoy a fun, safe, and warm summer. Shop Briza here.

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